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Now TV from SKY User Interface Guide


Now TV from SKY User Interface Guide


  1. The whole British TV Network / Satellite system needs totally dismantling, disconnecting and sanitising and all opposition -.

  2. Can anyone find an e-mail or phone number for this company – it's impossible to cancel their trials. Impossible.

  3. To be honest I'd rather wait 30 days than pay nearly £15 a month where as I'd rather wait and pay £6.99 to netflix.

  4. I have nowtv app on my iPhone can I watch it through my chromecast as I'm only wanting to mirror what is on my phone can you help

  5. Hi, just got NowTv but the interface is different now. I need revelation channel can't find it on the list anymore. Can you help please

  6. can you please help me iv just bought a now tv box and im trying to catch up on itv but i carnt find a search button and dont no how to find programs from last 30 days 

  7. if i buy this Now TV and i only view the free stuff do I need to pay anything like monthly i am not talking about football i am talking about free stuff such as Facebook and others but not paid apps or paid stuff from sky is it going to be one of payment like 10 pounds and that is all or it will follow more money after ? thanks.

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