Home Playstation Forum MY PS 2 want play ps3 games,Why?

MY PS 2 want play ps3 games,Why?


i m very shock when i know my ps2 not play ps3 games cuz when i buy ps2 the shopkeeper told me ps2 system play blueray games.when i insert blueray disk in my ps2, error show me why?

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  1. Sorry Shopkeeper lied to get a sale the only game system that plays Blu-Ray is the PS3. PS2 games are DVDs. Next time read the box before you buy.

  2. haha the dude that told you lied, big time, cause if this was true, than why would ppl buy a ps3 with blueray, if the ps2 had the same thing?


  3. what a nasty shop keeper lying to get a sale. PS2 are the old game console that can play PS1 games as well as PS2 games. the new PS3 is more advanced and plays blue ray discs, it can also play PS2 games as well. the shop keeper has told you this information the other way round. how long have you had it? if you haven’t had it for two long maybe you could take it back to the shop and explain that you’d like a refund as the sale assistant lied to you to get a sale.

    sorry he lied, good luck with everything x

  4. it wont play the games cuz its a ps2

    not the ps3

    its the other way around ps3 plays ps2 games

  5. lol the person who told u that lie like hell u need a ps3 for bluray there a reason people would buy a ps3 to play ps3 games and also the ps3 is really old and the bluray just came out

  6. because the ps2 is not Compatible with the the blu-ray movie’s are the blu-ray games ever the shopkeeper took your money cause he all ready knew this when you started to ask question about the ps2 system take all the game;s and movie’s back to the shop keeper in get your money back cause he took you for a fool and a liar 🙂 ava

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