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Metro Redux Review (PS4 Version)


Metro Redux Review (PS4 Version)


  1. The sensitivity problem is not part of the deadzone problem. It's the fault of the developers. Deadzones is how further you can push a stick and when it starts to register. Deadzones are a PC problem, not a console problem. The PS4 has a perfectly stable deadzone. The Xbox One on the other hand did receive complaints by some developers like Respawn Interactive and the deadzone was changed. But that's on the Xbox One. The real problem here is that the engine doesn't recognize the deadzones properly so the sensitivity is sluggish. For example, in other games, if you push the stick halfway through, it recognizes 50% of deadzone input, but here, even if you push halfway through, it registers 25%, because the nano millimeter are taken into account, so each single millimeter you push the stick, the difference in camera speed is small compared to other shooters. If you want a graphic comparison, here's one :

    Any other shooter : 5% increase in speed each nano millimeter you push the stick
    Here : 1% increase in speed.

    I believe the reason why the game has this problem is because the controller input was ported unchanged from the 360 version. While everything else was changed and whatever, the input system remained the same. Yeah, the PS4 and Xbox One input system may seem similar to the 360 version, but they're slightly different.

    Otherwise, aside of that little problem, this is definitely one of the best shooters on PS4. It's sad to see that there aren't a lot of games that are based on novels, aside of Metro and The Witcher. Because really, there should be more. The story is excellent, the gameplay is fluid, and the game doesn't try to scare you with teenage movie jumpscares like in Until Dawn or FNAF or any sort of similar bullshit.

  2. Your video convinced me to buy it, thanks man…just picked it up last night..started on Last Light based on what you said & liking it so far..I didn't know what I was going to think about having to charge the battery & changing filters in the gas mask, but I agree it adds more realism to it & I don't mind it.

  3. +Solidrev  Ya made a nice video here; good review and a good bit of gameplay. I bought this on the PlayStation sale last night for $24.99. For both games, I feel like that's an excellent deal, though I'd prefer a hard-copy. However over 2000 people have downloaded it & rated it on PS4 which is a stout number.
    I read and watched quite a few reviews (like yours), watched a few live streams on my PS4, and I just noticed A LOT of people are playing this; it's very popular on Twitch. Also, I've always been a fan of Russian-themed games and when I found out the games were inspired by a real book, it intrigued me more. I'm looking forward to diving-in soon, it looks like a good time!

  4. I actually bought this game since watching this vid and buying an X1. Got it with Forza 5 for just £40! Gotta say it's pretty good. And it's taking me a long time to finish 2033. My only problem is with the animation of the characters and also the movement, I didn't feel the weight of the guns like you do in Battlefield. That being said, I've not tried Last Light yet. From the looks of things it looks better? Or maybe it's just my imagination. Either way, thanks for this vid Rev! 🙂

  5. Man that sucks the ps4 and xbox one has deadzone wtf future tech come on…sad 360 controller was sadly the best not saying the ps4 wasn't good but the 360 had worked for all games ps3 did have a few very few but crap games anyway that were unplayable but dam microsoft should of just improved the d pad and the axyb and upgraded the trigger and battery back and mic not redesign the controller imo 

  6. Like you said, kind of annoying how much damage your enemies can take. I had to unload 6 bullets from a double-barrel shotgun on a mutant before it went down.

  7. I don't see the point i have played the first one won it nothing special.I might give it a rent no way i will buy remake of old game.You got to stop with the dead zones maybe you smoking something before you play.

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