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Let’s Play Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI: Request Custom Officers! Character Creation Guide


Let's Play Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI: Request Custom Officers! Character Creation Guide


  1. Andi can you do a tuturiol on how to make custom character models please. i know u can do it off the hex editor but im not sure on how to do it.

  2. hey bro where did you get the portraits would you put a link for them i would like to use them in my new campaign i want to do thanks

  3. im glad i came by this i want in on this man so my guys name is huangfu tong son of huangfu song birth year 173 year of death 234 i want my guy to be a warrior 96 war 75 int 45 pol 28 cha 90 lea. war green 3 put my guy in jian ning skill random portarit page 4 number 15

  4. Unoccupied Cities:
    Luo Yang
    Xu Chang
    Xin Ye
    Shang Yong
    Yong An
    Chai Sang
    Ling Ling
    Gui Yang
    Jian Ning
    Yun Nan

  5. "King & Quinn Of Hearts" couple

    Tanaka [me] is AKA Tianzhong [tanaka in chinese]
    Tianzhong, Yalishanda = Tanaka Alexander
    Bold Voice
    Humble tone
    normal to the imperial han
    Secure Aspiration

    [ultimately have the longest lifespan]

    (married to Quinn Young)
    a man who values safety and who doesn't fight in close combat. an archer. [the custom portrait i sent was kinda modern, but go ahead and use it if you like OR give a young man with full of facial hair covering almost the lower half of the face with black facial hair [can be mature male too]

    for a model…hmm i don't what does xu huang's model look like…but i'd go with someone really tall [as in giant height, with lots of facial hair and long hair]

    friends with Xu Huang
    Likes, Xu Huang, Yue Ying
    Dislikes Dong Zhou, Ten Eunuchs
    Quinn Young "quinn of benevolence"
    Cool Character
    Cool Voice
    values importance to the imperial han
    Goodly Aspiration

    [shortest lifespan, or she dies at a young age most likely will give her life for the safety of her people] but you can decide my benevolent wife's lifespan

    at least 30 – 40 years of lifetime

    (married to Tianzhong)
    she's a silver tongue [meaning she could convince and persuade easily as well has a very good charisma…also [the custom portrait i've sent, or a young female with any plunging neckline]

    quinn's model is diaochan's model…slightly change the face to a more younger adult and the hairstyle to long [if possible wavy or curly long]

    short description: quinn dresses inappropriately, but she has the heart of golden benevolence [favors a plunging v-neck]

    Friends, Liu Bei
    Likes, most of the benevolent officers
    Dislikes, Dong Zhou

  6. judging by the game cover…i had this game in ps2 the whole time…sadly it didn't worked properly though

    thanks for the shout out =D

  7. Available Forces:

    Cao Cao: Chen Liu
    Liu Bei: Xiao Pei, Xia Pi
    Sun Ce: Lu Jiang
    Lu Bu: Pu Yang
    Yuan Shao: Ye, Ping Yuan, Nan Pi
    Yuan Shu: Shou Chun, Ru Nan
    Gongsun Zan: Bei Ping, Ji
    Liu Biao: Xiang Yang, Jiang Xia, Jiang Ling, Wu Ling
    Liu Zhang: Cheng Du, Jiang Zhou, Zi Tong
    Ma Teng: Wu Wei, Tian Shui
    Li Jue: Chang An, An Ding
    Zhang Lu: Han Zhong
    Gongsun Du: Xiang Ping
    Kong Rong: Bei Hai
    Zhang Yang: Jin Yang
    Liu Yao: Jian Ye
    Yan Baihu: Wu
    Wang Lang: Hui Ji
    Zhang Xian: Chang Sha

    Sorry, I don't know where significant officers are placed because RTK 11 is one of the few RTK games I haven't actually played for myself, but I have seen a lot of videos of it.

  8. I hope i've done this right xD
    Name: Chen Shuang
    Male Strategist, but more on the political side 
    Birth: 168   Lifespan: 67 Years
    Liked Officers: Liu Zhang, Liu Biao, Ma Teng, Zhang Xiu, Yuan Shu
    Disliked Officers: Lu Bu, Sun Ce, Zhou Yu, Cao Cao, Liu Bei
    Skill: Cunning
    Character: Cool
    Voice: Cool
    Tone: Frank
    Court: It's complicated, so just put Normal xD 
    Asp: Able
    Model: Male Civilian 2, Black
    Portrait: Page 6 Pic 14, if already taken then Page 6 Pic 9

    Just change anything if I done it wrong, hopefully you can understand from this what type of character i'm trying to run and I wish you luck on your playthrough!
    By Steve R from the DW Forever FB group 😀

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