Home Playstation Forum I was about to buy ps4 on amazon?

I was about to buy ps4 on amazon?


When I was browsing the site they had new ps4s for $400 but when I logged into my account I only saw used versions and new ones for S500 plus.Why is that?

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  1. They probably sold out. People are stalking amazon and they sell out in a few minutes. You just have to refresh the page a lot until ya see it.

  2. ps4’s getting sold out in minutes thats why when u refreshed the page it showed sold out.

    U need to wait a month or 2 so that ps4 is easily available in the market. It’s also beneficial to get it later as itll be free of all bugs!

  3. Amazon has this new thing. Where you look up products and it says they are available or not. It says if there are used ones or not. But a clever marketer decided to alter this one feature.

    So instead of listing the prices, they clump all the words directly together so, used and new and all the other adjectives are visible and it basically gets them off the hook for the exact price.

    So you may see an item brand new offered for a dollar. When it’s one of many and actually the worst condition one is that price while all the others are much higher then that.

    They are suckering people into the major list to sell more products in all catagories.

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