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I need help with my X-box 360?


i just purchased a X-box 360 and my TV only has one video(yellow)

and audio(white) slot. when i plug my X-box in the two slots i get picture but no color.I wouldn’t mind playing with no color but I also have a surround sound and would like to hook that up too but it is impossible because my TV only has 2 slots video and audio.

My question is there any thing i can purchase to allow me to play X-box with Color and surround sound hook up at the same time? If there is can you give me a link and picture of the item

Thank you!!

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  1. Use yellow for video and red and white for your surround sound.

    Since you don’t have color you either have the wrong cables or there is something wrong with them or your TV. The standard xbox 360 cable is just AV which is one cable that splits into three outputs (yellow, white, red). I think you may have component cables instead (like 6 outputs). Otherwise it must be a TV or cable problem.

  2. Mate – (you post yer question in the playstation section, “wanna try the xbox section instead?” lol)

    You’ll get more answers just not here

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