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How to get XBOX ONE & 360 Games Free! LATEST METHOD! *WORKING* (SEPT 2016)


How to get XBOX ONE & 360 Games Free! LATEST METHOD! *WORKING* (SEPT 2016)


  1. Anyone want to gameshare, I have:
    Mirrors Edge
    The Crew
    Rainbow Six Vegas 2
    Forza Horizon
    and much more, only one rule though: I go first because I've been scammed multiple times
    Games I want:
    Watch Dogs 2
    Battlefield 1
    Flight Sim
    or a modded gta v account

  2. iam looking for nba 2k16 or wwe 2k15 or 2k16 i have rayman origins and the cave sorry guyz idont have lotof games because i buy xbox like 1 month ago i want gameshare my gamertag:OctavalPath9
    iam goldmembership

  3. can anyone gameshare Gta5 with me my gamertag is feassco i have over 40 games that anyone can have i just want gta5

  4. Anyone wanna gameshare I'm looking for: forza horizon 3 and grand theft auto 5 XBOX ONE ONLY

  5. Anybody wanna gameshare??

    For xbox one only!!
    i have madden 16, nba 2k 16, the crew, rocket league.
    all i want is GTA 5
    kik- bradley_fredrick
    Gamertag- Ironn Gear

  6. anyone want to gameshare I have xbox 360 with gta5 all I want is Minecraft but I go first I'm sick of scammers

  7. anyone wanna gameshare on xbox one? i have watchdogs 2 pvz gw2 fifa 16 assasin creed unity what i want is cod infimite warfare

  8. omg in excited thank you kid
    my computer is being a little shit rn so I have to wait but I'm excited

  9. Anyone up for gameshare I want GTA V for Xbox one I have battlefield 1 (Brings Battlefield 4 As bundle) also have SleepingDogs and Outlast its scary

  10. anyone want to gameshare? (I go first incase of scammers) I have fallout 4, minecraft, terraria, rocket leage, bo3, cod infinite warfare, I want gta v

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