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How To Cut XBOX 360 Case?


I want to make a case mod. I dont want to play a lot of money

so anything cheap i can do to cut my case. links?
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Does This Work

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  1. Use a dremel with a medium cutting wheel. If you get into more advanced designs it’s easier to use a jigsaw.

    Here are pictures of some cases i’ve cut with a dremel.

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    This is the dremel i have

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    like i said i use a medium cutting wheel to cut the straight lines and i use a sanding barrel to round the corners.

    If you are doing a more detailed design you’ll want a jigsaw like this.

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    If you’re using a jigsaw you need to drill starter holes at every turn that’s more than 35 degrees. This will make sure you don’t bend or break the jigsaws blade.

    Then you’ll want to sand all your edges so they’re nice and clean.

    To finish the xbox you want to use 1/8″ plexi and seal it with either epoxy or hot glue. I always use epoxy and rest a heavy object on top of it while the epoxy cures.

    I have instructions and pictures on this thread

    [url is not allowed]

    Let me know if you have any other questions, you can contact me via my yahoo answers profile.

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