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how to clean a disk on a picky Xbox?


how to clean a disk when its like scratched. My Xbox is really picky and reads almost new disks and sometimes a little bit scratched disks know why?

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  1. You first need to clean the disc. I recommend using 70% rubbing alcohol for this as it does not leave any mess. Always use a microfiber cloth and DO NOT rub in circular motions. Always rub from the inside to the outside of the disc.

    If after trying this, your disc still doesn’t work, you’ll need to employ a more drastic approach to the situation.

    The only things you’ll need to do that is a soft cotton swab and a little bit of mild abrasive, such as Brasso. Be careful, Brasso emits fumes and can be very irritating. Perform the following steps in a well-ventilated area:

    Imbue your cotton swab with a little dab of Brasso.

    Gently polish the damaged area of your CD or DVD using a small circular motion until the scratch disappears or at least subdues.

    Rinse the media.

    That’s it! Now stick your disc back inside your player, and attempt to play it again. Does it work? If yes, then great! If no, then repeat the above procedure. I also heard that white toothpaste and car-rubbing compound could be effective, but I have not tried them.

  2. and if blackwoods answer doesnt work for you, i always find it helpful to take a q tip and clean the laser with rubbing alcohol, it makes it less picky. there are videos on youtube that explain how to open your 360, but i wouldnt recommend it unless your warranty is up

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