Home Playstation Forum How do you download Flashplayer for PS3 for free?

How do you download Flashplayer for PS3 for free?


I wanted to download Flashplayer for my PS3 for free inorder to wach videos that only requires Flashplayer format.
i mean Adobe Flashplayer

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  1. I don’t know how ps3 works as I don’t have it but here is where you can get all legal versions of adobe flash player.

    Its a free program made by adobe and on this site it’s broken into which device you want it for so use the download for your device and it should work.

  2. You can’t download any kind of Flash Player to the PS3. The PS3 has Flash Player 9 installed and it can’t be changed unless Sony decides to update the browser. But since the browser hasn’t been updated in years there’s pretty much no chance Sony will ever do that.

    So basically there’s nothing you can do if a website needs a newer version of Flash.

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