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How do i build a bot in guitar hero out of an Xbox 360 controller, not a guitar?


Please, do not answer this question if you dont have a clue, which somehow i think will be everyone.

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  1. I can’t decide if your question “How can I cheat my way to the top of the leaderboards by complex electrical work” is the most annoying question I’ve seen. At least you didn’t ask about the red rings or for a 48 hour card.

    If you’re going to go through all the trouble to make a bot, why not spend that time enjoying the game and working your way towards a good score instead of cheating and corrupting the leaderboard?

  2. Basically you will need to hook a timer chip with the right timing for the song (5 timer chips, one for green, red, yellow, blue, and orange) and you need to write in the correct timing in hexidecimal for each note, and for every single button. For some buttons (like A and the shoulder buttons) you will need to replicate them and then put the timer chip on the first wire leading TO the button. For the triggers you will need to solder a timer chip to the middle pin, so when the ic sends out a signal it activates the fully triggered position on the pointometer.

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