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El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron – Full Demo Gameplay | first run


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Platform: Playstation 3 | Xbox 360
Publisher: Ignition Entertainment
Developer: Ignition Entertainment
Genre: Action-RPG
Release: EU – 09.09.2011
USK Rating: ?

▶Gameplay and Video Record by SHUANJI

How i Record:
▶AVerMediaCenter + Fraps ( PC )
▶AverTV Capture HD

▶MAGIX Video Pro X2

▶ PlayStation 3 ( 1280 x 720 )

▶i play games to have fun with it…

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El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron - Full Demo Gameplay | first run

GameSpot Reviews - El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron (PS3, Xbox 360)


  1. Thank you for changing the voices into Japanese.
    i don't speak it but it sounds fantastic especially in this game ^_^

  2. That's because the makers of Okami made it. wikipedia clover studios and it's on the introductory paragraph.

  3. This game doesn't look anything special just standard Darksiders kind of game with hardly any real creativity put into the game's atmosphere really.

  4. So hyped I found this and shadows of the damned used for $5 a piece, visually intense gaming time!

  5. I have never heard of this game until I decided to play the demo and thats a dam shame. It will blow you away. Imagine if they followed this up or even remade it after smoothing out the rough edges. Def a diamond in the rough.

  6. Man this game is so underrated imo.  This whole game felt like an awesome video game acid trip roller coaster.

  7. Bought the game back in 2011. The gameplay is somewhat lackluster but its almost worth buying for its visuals and superb music only. Kinda wish they put more effort in the gameplay and some aspects of the story though.

  8. I played this game, while beautiful, the gameplay itself was an awful simple button masher not only that no weapon switching on the fly. Also the boss fight were ridiculously easy, and lets not forget the bad 3d platform sections.

  9. I played the  demo and i was concerned that its a combination of a lot of games just like:  Sonic (just see how he run), MGS Rising (how he run with the sword), Devil May Cry (cause the fantastic) and God Of War ( how he takes Orbes like Kratos). And the protagonist is just like Raiden!!

  10. Is it just me or is this one of the few games that explores judeo-christian mythology in many the same ways as Okami does Shinto mythology. I know Bayonetta take some influence from it as well, but I don't know anything about that game.

  11. Yeah…the game is full of WTF! did I just watch moments, such as that one at the end of the video, but in good way, overall.

  12. Thank you GameSpot for actually reviewing games. I hope IGN burns and crashes. What a terrible paid review site.

  13. Have you played the game? IHow can you judge the game if not? t's Armaros' entrance. And why is the review paid? Because it gives positive review for a guenuinely positive and well-done game? Pff, humans, really…

  14. So, because it's a positive review it's obviously paid? Right. Sounds like you need to lay off the conspiracy juice. The ironic thing is, you ask WTF you saw at the end, which shows you haven't even played it… at least not very far. So how can you criticize the review for being too positive? lol

  15. 3 bucks for this amazing piece of art? I just hope more than half of those 3 bucks gets to the pockets of the geniuses who made this. Hard to keep making original games for 3 bucks. Sad but true.

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