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E3 2013 – Microsoft’s Don Mattrick Interview


Geoff Keighley questions Don Mattrick on the Xbox One’s online requirements and the Microsoft’s next-gen direction. *Interview filmed before Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference.*

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E3 2013 - Microsoft's Don Mattrick Interview


  1. had to pause the video when he said he didn't know what that guy meant when he said he was on a nuclear sub, the amount of stupidity overwhelmed me

  2. this man single handedly fucked the xbox fan base and the xbox brand over with a smile. He should not be allowed to work in the game industry ever again.

  3. Don Mattrick and the word ASSHOLE are basically synonyms! Thank God Phil Spencer saved the Xbox empire!

  4. I wonder how much he regretted saying if you don't have reliable internet connection go get a 360. definitely stupid to say that for the whole world to hear.

  5. How does a person like this make it to CEO level?? I should've been executive level LONG ago then….

  6. You know what i dont get, when he says stick to the 360 if u dont have internet, which means you cant play the new xbox one games that has better quality and even new IP that is only for the xbox one, its a bad pitch for microsoft for selling their xbone games

  7. I certainly think that people overreacted to that always online thing. I mean, where in the world do you live that you do not have internet access at least once every 24 hours?!

  8. You know Microsoft's initial goal for XB1 was to hit 250 million. Did they really expect this thing to be the most successful console of all time and by a huge margin. That's extremely funny to me.

    Also people praise Phil Spencer, but he was part of the team when building XB1 and he was on board with all the ideas that people hated and rejected, and that's by his own admittance.

  9. Is this guy saying that if you don't have an internet connection, you couldn't play a single-player game that requires no internet to play?

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