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do you think at the age of 14 or 15 i should not play playstation?



  1. It shouldnt matter what we think, simply what makes you happy. If you like to play, then why stop? Besides, how old do you think the creators of Playstation and video games are? Way older than 15!

  2. i’m almost 18 and i still play playstation. there is nothing wrong with it there are no age limits for it.

  3. NO! I have an older brother around your age and he has stopped gaming, I miss it,we had good fun. I would much rather that he started playing video games again but those days are over.Your never to old to play games

  4. Nothing is wrong with playing the PlayStation, especially if you’re 14 – 15.I know people of many ranges of ages who play. My mom, dad, older brother and sister, etc.They all play it from time-to-time. It’s a lot of fun, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it to why you should not play PS1, 2 or 3.

  5. you shouldn’t play playstation because your too old or too young?

    either way don’t listen to whoever is telling you not too.

    too old: nobody’s too old to play video games. i thought video games were supposed to be fun. what you can’t have fun when your 14-15 or even 89. video games are a great way too blow off steam, when i’m feeling pissed off i just play some good old playstation. and at that age most people play video games in the first place.

    too young: well a lot of those games are rated M for mature but there are a ton of great games rated T for teen. and alot of those m games are pretty much okay for 15 yr old too play. like before nobody is too young too play. just have fun

  6. Are you kidding. I heard that only 19% of people who play video games are under the age of 18. You are NOT getting to old or anything.

  7. there is no age limit it’s more of a matureaty thing. if at 15 you aren’t mature enough to know the difference between fantasy and reality then you shouldn’t play as for too old. they use simulators in the army and to train poliots. they have also been proven to increase dextarity.

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