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Could someone please explain Fall Out New Vegas to me?


So I downloaded FONV on the xbox live marketplace. Everyone always says the fall out games are good so I decided to play this one. I have no idea what is going on. Not so much the story line, but the game play. I don’t know my objectives and I pretty much find myself wandering around and getting killed. I don’t understand the pip boy. I don’t understand the perks, upgrading your player, and magazines. The game just kinda throws you out there and you don’t know what to do. At least I don’t. One thing that really gets me annoyed are games like this where I have no idea what to do. Could someone please explain the things I mentioned or provide a link where it answers my questions. This games seems good, but I’m afraid I’ll give up on it since I will be to frustrated and confused.

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  1. Fallout New Vegas is a sequel to Fallout 3. Despite its title, you do not have to have played Fallout and Fallout2 (PC games) to enjoy Fallout 3. I would, however, recommend playing Fallout 3 first to get the hang of the game’s systems which are used in New Vegas.

    The general setting of the Fallout games is the big nuclear war feared during the 1950s and 1960s happened. People built huge underground complexes called Vaults, where they lived safe from the radioactive hell that the Earth’s surface became. Years passed. Many years passed. Your character has never known life outside the vault. In fact, no one you know has ever been outside of the vault. However, now there’s no choice. The vault’s systems are failing and it’s up to you go venture outside and find spare parts.

    While the game has many quests for you to complete, you really aren’t required to do any of them. You can literally do what you want, and how you want. Say you come across some bandits holding someone for ransom. If you’re good with guns, you can try to rescue the captive by fighting it out. Or maybe use your gift of gab to talk the bandits into leaving. Of course you aren’t required to rescue the captive. Maybe you want to join their gang, or just kill them and take the ransom for yourself. The choices are up to you.

    You can find some walkthrus or other information on http://www.gamefaqs.com but keep in mind, the game is rather open-ended.

  2. Grab $20 and go buy Fallout 3. It’s worth every penny and will get you up to date. I think 3 was a lot better than New Vegas as well. Once you play some of 3 you’ll understand the concept and be able to enjoy both games.

  3. first off the pip boy. its your menu divided into three section your stats, inventory, and general. stats consist of health , radiaton (rads) and etc. inventory is everything u have on you (tip: watch your weight because u have a weight limit).and last but not least the general wich has your reputation with groups and towns and has the map. Perks are like special abilities such as better attack against creatures and better accuracy, it also depends on the perk. magazines increase your skills like guns and survival and such.

    The game is based on post apocalyptic war. its an rpg.

    if you need any more help email me: [email is not allowed].

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