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CGRundertow TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 video review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow video review of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 from Namco Bandai for the PlayStation 3. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 comes more than a decade after the original, but it keeps the same concept. It’s basically a mixture of Tekken fighting and tag team wrestling. And bears motorboating. If you knock your opponent into the air and then make a tag before they land, you can do a sweet tag team move. Since the roster is so massive, it’s fun to just experiment with different combinations and see what moves you can come up with. This video review features video gameplay footage of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for the PlayStation 3 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.

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CGRundertow TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


  1. Only checking this out as it's popped up being free on Xbox live. Haven't played a tekken game since 3.

  2. I recommend the Wii U version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 the best because you can perform the complicated button inputs on the Wii U Gamepad's touchscreen.

  3. okay I am getting the Wii U version whoooo. I got tekken revolution on psn and it was fun and I love Leo's fighting style so since Leo is in this game too and its a game to add to my wii u collection YEAH!!!!

  4. I love that when they were explain tag assualts they used footage of the cpu doing it to them xD

  5. I used to hate tekken because I thought it was just a *juggle to win* fighting game but I got better at learning how to block and now I love it 🙂

  6. That *may* work against people who don't know how to play. I'm by no means a pro player, just a regular guy who hits the arcades now and then, and I know a shitload of ways to mop the floor with button mashers, especially people who like to pick Eddie/Christie or Hwoarang and simply mash kicks.

  7. I pick him fairly often. But I admit, Hworang is my man. Just mash the kick buttons and you're pretty much guaranteed to win every round.

  8. Watching the intro bit in this video reminded me Raven's in the game… holy shit, no one and I mean NO ONE picks him.

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