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Can I have a wifi chip added to my xbox 360? And can I run my xbox through my laptop?


So I bought an xbox 360 about two years ago, and I just bought the core, and it’s been a hassle, but to get online I bridged the network on my laptop and have been using an ethernet cable, and then my dad yanked it out, so I ordered an rj45 to usb adapter which kind of works, but ultimately having the wifi chip would be much easier.

Also, is there a way to run my xbox on my laptop? I have a Lenovo with windows 7 and instead of playing it on my t.v. I want to play it on my laptop, so is there some avi cable converter I can get online?

Any advice would be awesome, thanks!

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  1. You can go to the best buy website and find a wifi link for the back of your xbox and you could find it for like $60.

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