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ALL Xbox Startups (Original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One)


Based on your feedback on my poll “Which console startup would you like next?” on my PlayStation Startup video, most of you were requesting Xbox next. So here it is.

Here are all the Xbox Startups right from the Original Xbox to the Xbox One. I include each and every single Xbox console ever made.

At the time of uploading this video, this video contains startups of:

Original Xbox
Xbox 360 (Both before and after Kinect update)
Xbox One

I will also put a poll card here, and combine the two to decide which console startup is next.

That’s all I have to say, enjoy the startups!

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ALL Xbox Startups (Original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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  1. I think it would make more sense to call the xbox one: Xbox 720, because there's already a xbox one.

  2. if it include XBOX ONE boot out (which actually a reverse version of boot in), it would take a longer time

  3. My younger brother has an XBOX 360 (Kinect Edition) and an XBOX One. He doesn't have an original XBOX. Nintendo is wayyy better than Microsoft! Suck it Bill Gates!

  4. why do people include their intros and captions they just gotta put the start screens nothing else

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