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Xbox problem please help. Pal and Ntsc?


I have a Xbox 360 slim and my brother has an elite. we bought our xboxes from the same shop and we in the same region and i got a game (DMC 5) from China but the game doesn’t want to play on my Xbox but plays on my brothers and another Xbox of friend of ours as well but refuses to play on my. It says Xbox can’t read disc

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  1. Alan,

    We all know PAL xbox cannot play NTSC ( or vice versa ), but ops is asking about xbox 360, which has a completely different compatibility system.

    If it is a region problem, the console says ” wrong region ”

    If it is a unsupported game disc ( such as bluray, music CD ), or disk is dirty/scratched, it says : ” unable to read “.

    There is no Microsoft video gaming released in mainland China, those would be imports.

    Since DMC itself is region free, Capcom never put any regional locking on, it is not a NTSC/PAL problem for sure.

    You better contact the shops where you purchased from, give more details too.

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