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Okay, a few days ago I made a second xbox live account to help me earn some coins on fifa 12. Ever since I’ve done that my account has just been constantly playing up. Every time I load a game it says the save file is corrupt. Mainly battlefield and fifa. Every time it happens I have to dashboard out and try again. I recently bought a new game (arkham city) and a bunch of ms points, and it wont let me install an update for the game so i cant play it online, and I tried to redeem the point code but it says its not available at this time. Now I just found out that my gamerscore is missing, along with all my achievements 🙁


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  1. To me it sounds like the xbox itself is broke,

    It has nothing to do with a new profile.

    I know its going sound silly. But which way is your xbox is it lying down or up on its side? ( I have mine on its side and some times i have to lie it down to play certain games) try lying it down if you have your on its side

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