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Xbox 360 overheating question?


What are some very helpful ways to prevent an Xbox 360 from overheating?

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  1. Stop being paranoid. If it’s going to break, it will, and you will want it to be sooner rather than later so it’s still under warranty.

  2. Keep it in an open, well ventilated area so the vents can move air through. Don’t cram it inside a cabinet with stuff piled on top of it and all around it. The box will generate a lot of heat and needs air flow to dissipate that heat.

  3. play it for like an hour and halve. keep it the open, and when you want to play again feel it to see if its hot and if its not then play.

  4. Here is one DO NOT get a cooler. It actually increases the chance of you to get the RRoD. This will be a very big help for you in the long run. Also keep it out of closed places such as a cabinet. make sure it is in a good space for it to cool down. Have fun.

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