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Xbox 360 disk drive replacement?


I have a toshiba samsung ts-h943 and i was wondering if i buy another ts-h943 if i can just replace the tiny mother board thing in the new drive to my old one and my xbox work.

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  1. theres alot of knows here

    toshiba samsung ts-h943 you can but replaceing it your self your breaking the contract with micoro soft , and if you break the seal on the inside xbox they will not replace it if it breaks , send it to them they will fix it doing work on your 360 can start a fire on the inside.and you can just replace the drive with another drive you could fye the insides and not know it will its to late.and you cant use the drive of a black xbox it will not read and its to old and its backwards all so meaning you cant play 360 games. any mods you do to the 360 could stop them from takeing it back to the compnay , colors , fans , and hard drives , flashing , spray painting and more , and hacks of any kind.opening up the 360 you can mess with the mother board that the brain.call micro soft they may fix it for free or replace it.happy gameing and do that at your own risk

    if you do.i would not

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