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Xbox 360: 10 Years Later


Xbox 360: 10 Years Later


  1. when he said that u can still get a 360 a site on the side popped up to buy one. Did it for anyone else

  2. we play games for performance not a grapics whore well the xbox didnt had like region free access so that one downside

  3. well i feel pathetic for all of u.. why buy ps4 nor xbox when u can buy a 2 dollar cheap gaming from china tht runs bricks and tetris!!

  4. i have an xbox one but my 360 has 4 Gigabytes! 4 GIGABYTES! That is less than the original xbox.

  5. I own like 5 Xbox like the one on the video all Red Ring and die, what a waist of money, but the 360 slim and ps3 are great no more fail

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