Home Xbox Forum will there be a fee for age of conan on the 360?

will there be a fee for age of conan on the 360?


we already pay for xbox live so i dont think that they should make us pay even more.

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  1. if you’re talking about the MMO game then I think that there will be, like another game coming up called Huxley, I think the developers will be greedy and try to rake more money out of us.

  2. Yes, you will have to pay a fee for this game, there are a few reasons for this. The first being that when you pay for Live service you are paying Microsoft, not the company that makes AoC. Because I’m a little F-ed up right now i cant think of the company, so I shall call it. AgeCo. AgeCo will be managing the servers and making additions to the game so AgoCo needs the money just like they would for the PC side. Paying for Live Service is a Microsoft descision that could end up hurting the Xbox360 MMORPG’s genra where playing a MMORPG on Playstation would only cost you the monthly fee of the actual game. Also if someone only has the Silver package fore the 360, the will not need to pay to connect via Xbox Live, they will only need to pay the monthly fee for AoC. An example of all this is FFXI.

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