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Why is sony so stupid?


360 games are overrated like halo the reason it was sold is because it got hyped i mean comon everytime theres a commercial of a multiplatform game the commercial makes it look like its a 360 exclusive and what happenned to the ps3 ads

and now Haze that game can be our Halo if that game gets alot of hype the xbots will be crying why is it a ps3 exclusive that game looks so tight but they got 2 hype it

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  1. The problem with Haze is that it’s by Ubisoft, so Sony might leave it up to Ubisoft to decide how it wants to market the game. I don’t know even if Sony has a say on how often the commercial for the game will be shown.

    Kill Zone 2 is going to be the PS3’s answer to Halo 3. Sony needs to hype the game up and show people what the PS3 can do. I think Sony will hype up the game.

  2. LOL poor sucker, should have got a 360 but hey at least you got a blu-ray drive. So your purchase wasn’t a total waste

  3. Yeah, I see what you mean. Sony should market their games more because their are a lot of people that aren’t up-to-date with games even though they play video games and don’t read the gaming magazines and don’t even know when a good PS3 game is coming out like I do.

    Basically I’ve noticed that the only games that Sony really markets are the exclusive titles like Motorstorm and Heavenly Sword. If you ask me, I think that there should be commercials or trailers for Metal Gear Solid 4 and Killzone 2 coming out by as early as December just to build hype for the games and to get people that don’t have PS3’s to get one.

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