Home Playstation Forum why doesnt my ps3’s hdmi work?

why doesnt my ps3’s hdmi work?


ok plz don’t s ay use component cables because its wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too dark and ugly. (you don’t notice how bad it is until u use hdmi for so long)

ok so i turn it on and NO PICTURE! why? because it has switched back to component. so i click hdmi in the settings then switch the tv to hdmi. wheres the picture? IT DIDNT EVEN SWITCH! it just keeps going back to the DAM COMPONENT CABLES!

i will pick best answer.

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  1. you probibly need to swich back to the hdmi for a couple of minuits and do to settings>display settings>and change it to like 720p or 1080i then save that and swich back to COMPONENT CABLES!

    hope it helps!

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