Home Xbox Forum why does xbox live connection suck right now?

why does xbox live connection suck right now?


for the past 3 weeks everyone i know connection has been bad, they couldnt join any party or game with their friends in it. its getting reallly ANNOYING! has anyone else had this problem lately

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  1. If your using a router, if your router is like one of the isp routers and its like 3 years old, go get a new router. I actually just did this the other day. Best Buy is where I got mine. Its worked great so far, I had the same problem.

    [url is not allowed].

    What I got, follow the directions that they give you, cause I almost did somthing completely wrong untill I read the instructions.

    Most routers dont last that long 2-4years

  2. About a week ago I lagged all day and could only join a game if my friends invited me but that was only for one day.

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