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Why does the xbox 360 get the red ring of death?


Well, I know its because of a hardware failure.

But why did Microsoft make such a stupid product that cant even cool its self properly?

Couldn’t they have put temperature censors in it and have it automatically shut off when it get to hot before it melts, like 99% of all the other computers in the world.

Its like a basic function. shoot, my blow dryer even has the function and shuts off if it were to overheat; why did they make the xbox so pathetic? You can use a computer for years and years, having it on never shutting it off.

How could they let something like this happen?

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  1. It gets it because the fan on the old white xbox is to small for it. However microsoft fixed this problem by putting a bigger and more powerful fan on

  2. Never heard of the yellow light of death on ps3 lol, look on ebay, 1000s on there every week. Ps3 and Xbox were prone to overheating, but with hardware revisions it highly unlikely that you will see many of either.

  3. Basically what it is the. Graphics processing unit has a heatsink to absorb heat energy. but when there not enough air circulating through the Xbox gets to hot, the heat then melt “something” (im not sure what melts exactly) i think its the glue around it. then the graphics no longer works properly therefore the hardware failure cause the RROD to occur.

    it can be fixed buy some braces the put the thing back into place. old Xbox only

    There is a message that comes up on the screen while playing it says “Xbox console needs to turn of due to Insufficient ventilation” so there a sort of warning, but it does it automatically anyway

    The new Xbox 360 Slim, CAN still get it but there is less risk to get it, as the whole motherboard on xbox has been redesigned. and has slightly more powerful and more quieter fans but some people have reported of it getting Red Dot Of Death.

    They dont really let it happen there is a online repair center. but not sure of how it works

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