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Why are so many gamers total idiots?


This isn’t an attempt to troll, just a serious question. Why are so many people who play video games a bunch of socially maladjusted neanderthals? I’m talking about the people who spend countless time bitching about what game is “overrated” and what game is “OMGZ LIEK THE BESTEST EVER!” and then get on XBOX Live and act like tough * over the internet to people they will never meet in real life? As an avid gamer it’s pretty frustrating that so many people in that community seem to be incapable of behaving like a mature, intelligent human being.

Granted, a lot of these people are probably 16 year olds with some kind of Napoleon complex but still. It seems like all the gaming community is anymore are petulant children bitching and whining about each other and other games instead of just having fun like you should when you play a game. Why does the video game format attract such an insufferable bunch of people? It’s frustrating.

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  1. trust me i feel the same way, mostly because they don’t care what people think therefor they think it’s cool but really its annoying as f_ck

  2. Because alot of people are close minded and only think of their opinion, and for some reason they have a rude/tough guy/idiot alter ego on xboxlive.

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