Home Xbox Forum Who agrees that PS3 players are worse than Xbox?

Who agrees that PS3 players are worse than Xbox?


How much you wanna bet this guy couldnt get that score on Xbox where the SUPERIOR players are?


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  1. calm the * down, theres douches on both consoles, bad players on both consoles and good players on both consoles.

  2. I have an Xbox AND a PS3, so the Xbox vs. PS3 war is very hard on me. I don’t choose sides.

  3. @rhyne we can do all that to you know. Where it says on all new big title xbox 360 games. 3D compatible and we can play dvds. Did you think? PS3 SUCKS. And yes there are more retards on ps3 than xbox 360.

  4. I sort of agree me and my friend always get down on all sorts of games from madden to ‘MW3. He has a ps3 and I got an xbox. When we play on xbox I always pown him and when we play on PS3 I win most of the time. And he always says cause he’s not familiar with the control and im somewhat familiar with the playstation control as I has a PS2 back in the day. We always get in arguments where the better players are and I think its xbox because more ppl have an xbox

  5. this is a pointless thing, no matter what game your on, what console your on, you are garanteed to get a bad player, rage quitter and that sort of thing. its a mute question really. and tbh it doesnt matter.youll get bad players no matter what console or game your on.

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