When is the Xbox 720 coming out?

When is the Xbox 720 coming out?



  1. umm in reailty the 720 is never coming. unstill its confirmed so ya there u go never

    but truly be ogther xbox coming in mfew years

    but dont exspect no news about a new ps or xbox by the time 2012 at e3. again thats dont exspect nothi untill 2012

    so ya microsoft has 7-10 year plan for 360 and sony has a 10 year plan for the ps3

  2. from some of the stuff ive read online with microsoft engineers etc, they estimate around 2011- 2012, its already in development has been since before 360 came out that much has been confirmed but nothing is official, theirs still plenty of life left in 360 yet, i wouldnt worry to much:p

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