Home Playstation Forum what do you think about new firmware 3.01 for ps3?

what do you think about new firmware 3.01 for ps3?


I don’t know whether I should or not upgrade my console, I have firmware 2.60 the one that comes with the game inFAMOUS, this game freezed twice on my system, I need to know if the last firmware will fix all freezings in all games or there are problems already?

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  1. you should update your ps3 so you can play online, dont you have any psn friends or play any game online?

  2. I would not know since I don’t have infamous, but 3.01 is better. The guy ahead of me is right Uncharted is fine. Cool new features just the start up sound has changed. The PS3 font has changed to match the slim’s PS3 font.

    Do upgrade.unless you don’t use PSN

  3. 3.01 is fine but the copy and paste has created so much spam mail now. I get 10 messages a day from random people telling me to send chain mail to 150 other people.

  4. 3.01 is perfectly fine.

    It fixed Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune’s freezing issue. Go ahead and upgrade.

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