Home Playstation Games Tumblestone – Gameplay Trailer | PS4, PS3, PSVita

Tumblestone – Gameplay Trailer | PS4, PS3, PSVita


Tumblestone - Gameplay Trailer | PS4, PS3, PSVita


  1. I might quite playing PlayStation Because i losed my accounts to many times and one of them i got banned then my ps3 broke i have to update now but if i do so i will lose all my DLC for LBP and my costumes and friends i would have to stared from scrach again and im not sure if im up for it i lost my main account because i got banned Idk But. Could i plz accounts back i know it would be hard say i own them my account is Ammunition-Gun if any of my friends are reading then i hope you guys Get Xbox because i might be doing so unless i get banned again if that happen im getting a pc. But the again ps3 ( i hate the 4) maybe but i got a new account make Executioner-Gun but i will not be on so i will have to wait to get a ps 3 fix Any way bye have a good 1

  2. ane sony wonders why the vita wont sell. how about you guys pay ROCKSTAR to make a Gta game exclusive to the vita. you guys are sitting on millions of dollars afraid to use it. makes no sense to me

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