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The NEXT Xbox? – The Know


The NEXT Xbox? - The Know

Preview: Update for Xbox Insiders


  1. XBfan Xboxbestbox agreed to every X1 fans.  EVERY XBOX IS SOO EASY just few taps away for everything,  OR Cortana does everything without touching anything.  PScrap sucks skunks ASS

  2. that controller would never work just because people need to feel buttons and joysticks feed back when playing games and touch screen controller don't have these features.

  3. This nice little time capsule when the Switch wasn't out yet and the best new games were Just Cause 3 and Fallout 4

  4. Seriously F* u Microsoft and F* u Ybarra! Snap was one of the best features on xbox one and you replaced it with nothing. So stupid!

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  6. I like the expanded guide but what was so difficult to double tap the home button to open the guide. I think this would be better if when I hit the home button it would actually take me home and have the double tap to open guide or create a new short cut home and not have to open the guide the press A then press it again

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