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The Evolution of Xbox Hardware


The Evolution of Xbox Hardware

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  1. 2001 Xbox original has better cooling than hardcore 2017 gaming PC's. Embarassing huh, gaming PC manufacturers?

  2. Valve joined the game
    Valve created HTC Valve Vive VR headset
    Valve created Steam Controller
    Valve created Steam machine
    New Console! Steam machines with modern controller and VR

  3. i m 21 years old,, i saw the first Xbox when i was in 8th standard and now i think that World was already running ahead of time !!

  4. awesome video I still have the the 1st Xbox console it was the greatest video console back then.

  5. The Evolution of Xbox Hardware 622k
    The Evolution of PlayStation Hardware 2.6 million views…. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 has been doing well

  6. Ehhh I think the Switch Controller is better. I don't like battery packs on controllers. They hurt my fingers and super uncomfortable. People must have small hands.

  7. I remember Christmas morning getting my original xbox. my parents got it with NFL fever. I was the happiest kid ever.

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