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The Deer God Xbox One – Story Walkthrough


A quick blast through the game and the main quests required to reach the end story cutscene.

The Deer God Xbox One - Story Walkthrough


  1. I got to the submarine guy(text wouldn't show up) but then the same scenes kept replaying over again and couldn't progress any further so I assume I'll have to start over again.

  2. please, if anyone knows how to, im stuck in a giant thingy at the desert next to a snapper turtle and i really can't get past it.. 🙁

  3. 2 questions.. Do the "Deer Statues" reappear where you earn extra skills? because I skipped one and haven't seen it again… and I'm stuck on the "Priest" quest. I can't get the 2 people to follow me into the Church. am I missing anything?

  4. Yeah one of the worst piece of garbage games ever. I want $60 back even though it was free. Just for my pain and suffering at this pretentious crap. And how about NOT telling us what the triggers are to stop the damn loops! One of the worst "walkththroughs" ever. Roast in hell with this cockamamie game!

  5. Thanks they don't really have a good tutorial all they tell you is how to interact and double jump all the rest is for you to figure out which is kind of annoying

  6. After the puzzle in the swamp and after the talk with the dead guy, afterwards their is no desert but a empty void.
    Tried to jump into the void but it ends me up teleporting me back were I came. Help?

  7. am I the only one who can't seem to go in the old man's house??? It's driving be insane no matter what I press

  8. Can you explain or make a guide on how to get the ride a train achievement. I have played through multiple times I can't seem to get the right biome or how to trigger it.

  9. Please help me, at the beginning of the game, I had to find monocles for the old guy, but I didn't know I already had it and I keep running and running, now I'm at day 60+ with a lot of meters already away and don't have any idea how to get back to the old man, I need to move back or just keep running forward? If I need to go back, I prefer just start a new game then because will take an eternity

  10. Thank, was stuck on that stupid witch for ages… I just kept leaving thinking I had the wrong one.

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