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Sony: We May Never See Playstation 5


PS4K Neo may be the last Playstation console Sony releases.
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Sony Isn’t Positive There Will Be A PlayStation 5: http://attackofthefanboy.com/news/sony-isnt-positive-will-playstation-5/

Sony: We May Never See Playstation 5

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  1. What Next Ps5 dont care what you say puck cracker red neck red dragon ps5 next year 2018 .

  2. why would they make a VR headset and start focusing on 4K when that's just starting to take off if there wasn't planning on a ps5 I would be very disappointed in Sony if they didn't bring out PlayStation 5

  3. There would be no reason to…yet because they would basically put the same things in the console

  4. The catch 22 is this. if he lays out the upcoming ps5, then ps4 sales tank and ps4 owners lament the upcoming loss of support for their system. if he says we have no plans for a ps5, then media whorls like you trumpet "end of playststion" all over the internet.

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