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Sony Raises PlayStation Plus Price to $59.99 – Why Get Mad When It’s Your Fault


Sony Raises PlayStation Plus Price to .99 – Why Get Mad When It’s Your Fault


  1. Fuck PS4!!!!!!! There service fucking sucks!!!! I get IP banned, psn account banned and constant fucking maintenance! So fuck you sony!! I'm switching to Xbox. My Pc is still best though lol

  2. I don't even buy PS plus from Sony I buy it off a guy with a small shop so yah… my money doesn't go to Sony.

  3. Resident Evil Zero Saferoom music in the background made me relaxed and happy I will give this video a like.

  4. we ( as gamers ) , by not uniting together and not speaking out against the injustices of sony and microsoft, have created a context in which they can do whatever the hell they please .

  5. i own a ps2/ps3/ps4/psp/vita, and ps3/vita are probably two of my both one of my favorite gaming platforms. that doesn't mean i can't call sony out on this, and i'm not in an console war because i have interest in xbox and most nintendo systems (except for the fact that i dislike nintendo) this isn't as bad as what other companies did, its still pretty awful on sony's end regardless.

  6. Dude i agree with you 100 percent once i got a gaming pc it really is stupid to pay to play online but you are right they have people thinking they are getting better servers on xbox live.

  7. To me, that isn't a bad thing. I hate playing online with other people, If you're bad at playing, people will rage at you and probably kick you. If you're good at playing, people will still get mad and call you a hacker. And yes, they'll still kick you.

  8. Reminds me of the time when DeviantART replaced Premium Membership with Core Membership on August 2015. They raised the price of Core Membership and people weren't very happy about that. It was because the website was losing money.

  9. Why xbox fans boys laughing at this??? Last time I check till 2014 or 2015 I can't remember xbox gamers was forced to pay to use YouTube,Netflix, and other shit that was behind dumbass paywall. But I can't talk I was bitching about the problem and was part of the problem

  10. Preach! Also for SONY the PlayStation is 70%-80% of their total profits and is saving the entire rest of the company. As soon as I saw this I thought "Now SONY start milking the crap out of EVERYTHING PlayStation…". A few days later they raise the price of PSN and then announce PS Now is coming to the PC. Speak on that please my good sir.

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