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Sony PS4 vs PS3 – Specs and Features


Sony PS4 vs PS3 - Specs and Features


  1. I noticed when the PS4 was sideways it appeared to be held by some kind of plastic stabilizer (1:04). Does the PS4 come with that thing? I don't remember receiving one with mine.

  2. Please investigate why the ps3 headsets (the nice,big $150 dollars ones) are NOT COMPATIBLE with the ps4??? Please i feel cheated by sony :-/

  3. I'm bored of my ps3 and its games, I have spare money and couldn't care less where it goes. The only time someone complains is when the are too anal, I doubt any of the new games put the ps4 to its full potential, just like ps3's first games. So don't be an ass just yet.

  4. i'm personally not gonna get the ps4 till next black friday…ps4 is coming out nov 15, and xbox one nov 22nd…but next gen wont really start coming into fruition until summer 2014

  5. yes as they said you can even buy psplus on ps3 or vita and you will be set as it carry's over all 3 systems

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  7. yes from what i remember hearing if you've never had ps plus, and u get a ps4, you get 30 days free ps plus, day 1 the free ps plus ps4 game will be DriveClub so everyone will be able to play this FREE once ps4 is released on nov. 15th

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