Home Playstation Forum So, which console won? PS4 or Xbox one?

So, which console won? PS4 or Xbox one?



  1. It depends on personal preferences.

    If you’re a PlayStation user/player, I guess you’d be wise to choose the PS4.

    If you’re XBox. then, I guess you’d get the picture.

  2. If you want to get technical, the PS4 won over XBone. Though semantics are always in play, saying one over the other is always going to be debated no matter what. So it’s actually all really based on personal preference more than anything.

  3. Well there isn’t any noticeable difference between these two console, Comparing their hardware specifications i think both consoles will be equally good in terms of performance and speed, both have got 8 GB of RAM and faster Microprocessor they also share similar type of GPU. Xbox One on one hand offering many non gaming features like integrated Live TV, Added blue ray, Movies, web-services and yes new and improved Kinect technology too, which will be more responsive and precised.

    Here you will find more updates about Xbox One and its accessories:

    [url is not allowed].

    PS4 on other hand is again seems to be living up to the expectations of being a good gaming console, it also has many non gaming features along with extremely enticing exclusives. Hope this answer help you.

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