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Skulls of the Shogun – Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 1


Skulls of the Shogun - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 1

Skulls of the Shogun - Ending


  1. Why did Youtube recommend this three year old video? Is it because I spent 4 hours today watching his content?

  2. Shogun is a surpreme MILITARY leader, the Emperor was the highest rank in the country. He pretty much was a living god.

  3. Anyone else wish he would just say Tactic rpg instead of "XCOM turn based squad strategy games"

  4. there are more viewers in this video than people who play this game the game is good well at least on the xbox

  5. I love this game, downloaded it today and it's awesome. I love games that have strategy involved.

    Edit: Online muliplayer is horrible. It's an amazing game and you can play up to 4 people online in a match but the drawback is that there are cheaters and hackers who play online. There are people who can stop the time limit in a game for their advantage when it's their turn. There's also people who disrupt your controls, so you can't move a single unit when playing. Another is when the cheater attacks your player two times without having 3 skulls to turn you into a demon. That's what I've seen so far since playing online. You can't find a game without a hacker/cheater to save your life in the online multiplayer area. Campaign is amazing though. Also, choke on a fat one you cheaters/hackers.

  6. wow this looks awful, no wonder its been put on the playstation plus free games list for June….

  7. gameplay walktrough? u never finished this lets play

  8. Who the hell plays this turn-based shit anymore?  It was boring back in the day, and even more so now, there is no room in today's video game world for turn-based RPGish games, they're so damn lame!

  9. I am selling this game i have it on my skype mhmm if someone want the game 

  10. he says he doesn't want the video to go for 20 minutes but it goes for 20 minutes and 19 seconds

  11. Well that's a load of BS. When I attacked the Shogun, he had two HP left. My general was only able to take one HP away from him. Every other time he was able to take at least two HP away.

  12. I tried this level for once, I hadn't lost a battle since the beginning but then this one had to be the first… When it started I was like: 'No, no, noooooo'


  14. cool so akamoto turns into shogun and a black clor sweet i have the demo but soon im gettinf full and its going to be fun mwahahahaahahaha

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