Home Xbox Games Rugby World Cup 2015 HD Gameplay: Scotland vs Wales

Rugby World Cup 2015 HD Gameplay: Scotland vs Wales


Rugby World Cup 2015 HD Gameplay: Scotland vs Wales


  1. Wow this game looks like shit.. I might pick it up on Xbox One for a quick 1000G gamerscore lol

  2. I would recommend playing rugby In Real Life than this one, plus I don't think this difficulty is on Hard it looks to easy to be on hard.

  3. Thank God. I thought i was the only one. Dude if they to play rugby 2011 or 2014 to get an idea of rugby gameplay. The controls wasn't user friendly which made it frustrating, lack of cinematic scenes, lack of play options. This game was dissapointing but I love rugby to much not to play and learn the controls. Hope Hb makes a better one.

  4. EA need to start a rugby game, imagine if a rugby game had proper graphics, realistic movement features and a mode similar to Fifa ultimate team! It would be so good! It would open up the game to new players and expand rugby the sport as a whole! Would pay top dollar for a real rugby game!

  5. So are you saying that rwc 2015 was terrible because it was basically an improvement of rugby 15. Would it be any good to someone who hasn't played rugby 15 or any other rugby game. Or terrible either way?

  6. Wish they had an awesome rugby game on the same level with Fifa and had ultimate team and everything

  7. This game is so expensive and rubbish it would be a better idea to go play free computer games at least they have half decent graphics

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