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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Review!


A co-op focused Resident Evil that old school fans and new comers to the series will both want to check out. This is the review for Resident Evil: Revelations 2!

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Review!

After reviewing Capcom’s horror episodically, we take a look at the game as a whole.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Review Commentary

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  1. For some reason, I had a feeling he was going to give it an 8. I was even looking at the 8 before he said it. The thing that bugs me about most RE games is that I always thought the stories were boring and complicating, and most of the characters are boring. Even my favorite RE game (RE4) had story parts that confused and bored me. I played to the end of the first Revelations game, but never had too much fun along the way. And that last boss was so hard that I never returned.

  2. My honest review coming from a standpoint of someone who loves the old scool Resi games….The good. Good controls and partner AI. Inventive use of flashlights. New game mechanics are always welcome and glad to see a useable AI partner return since RE0….. BARRY IS BACK IN ACTION BABY!The OK. Story is all right, not the best though. (Revelations 1 was way more interesting and felt closer to classics than this game which felt like a slight improvement over RE4 which I wasn't a fan of to be honest)The bad………. DAUMN WAS THE ENEMY AND MAP DESIGHN BORING AND GREY ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE OR WHAT?…. Seriously. The mini Mansion bit was probably the only place with good classic atmosphere, everything else looked like some copy-paste shithole project, honestly they put way more effort into Revelations 1 in my opinion. This is still by far better than the suck fest that was RE 5 map and enemy design, but very disappointed in lack of variety, way too post apocalyptic.

  3. Its a great game glad Claire and Barry are back and finally we get to know who Alex Wesker is great video

  4. I'm convinced there's something wrong with my copy. It glitches out a lot. I mean a lot. The partner AI doesn't seem to work. Ever.

  5. A few good points here however I would rate it higher. This is the only RE game I've played through and I personally like it more than 4.

    Raid Mode is outstanding; I would put it on par with (or better then) Left 4 Dead although yes that's comparing a 3rd person shoulder shooter to a first person shooter.

    Graphics didn't bother me; they might not be The Last of Us or Uncharted 2/3 but they were adequate. You'll still get spooks, especially when you realize a Glasp is around the corner.

    I give negative points though to some uninspired environments where it was just blood and bodies. And yes, the story seemed like it was leading up to some great conclusion that I don't think was fully realized. My biggest complaint though (for playing single player) was the partner AI which required some baby sitting in certain sections (one boss fight in particular). I know it's built for co-op and I do enjoy playing it for that although, c'mon, who doesn't want to be the gun-wielding character? I guess you play a game of rock-paper-scissors beforehand or switch off when Claire/Moira's story switches to Barry/Natalia's.

    I still think Revelations 2 deserves a lot of credit for being a creative way of telling a story in a game and the interface and shooting is about the best for series; no more going to a pause menu to manage your inventory and it still retains the slow, cautious feel that was so well retained and mastered in RE 4. Raid Mode would have me practiced and ready for killing whatever monsters were around in story mode, making both modes quite complimentary. Story mode had good pacing and a lot of fun parts to it and the bonus episodes offer nice variety to the gameplay. Overall this is a very good game that should not go overlooked, especially by fans of the series. There's A LOT of good content packed in it.

  6. This is my second resident evil game and honestly it felt like it had so much holes in its plot, I wanted to know why was Natalia able to see enemies and why was her bracelet always red (the paper at first said to shoot people with red bracelets) also does she have half wesker's personality in her or what? How did moira survive the falling concrete? So many questions

  7. I used to really trust IGN reviews but then I saw the scores they gave to Resi Code Veonica X and Alien Isolation and was surprised at how low they were. please stop letting non-survival horror fans review these games. Survival horror is one of those genres that don't "easily" appeal to everybody. If you're not a fan of the genre, it would be hard for you to appreciate games of this kind. By bashin these games simply because they don't appeal to you as a non-survival horror fan, you alienate fans of the genre who look to your reviews for some sort of guidance when buying video games.

  8. this game is awesome. 6 was shit this is way better. i also loved 5 and revelations 1. the only thing a didnt like is you had to switch characters to see items the other characters couldnt see. made me spend way to long in areas just because i had to switch characters to often

  9. I am excited to play this installment. Forget the main Resident Evil series. And it is available in PS VITA!!!!!

  10. It was absolutely incredible! Don't like co-op? Just play it solo… Controlling two characters is harder than one. Stop crying because you can't do it people! 

  11. you thought the in game files were a mere shortcut on the story? IGNorance indeed cause lets see all the resident evil's had files that explained something for the plot. I mean comeone that would be like in code veronica if Alfred monologue about how the password for the self destruct mechanism was Veronica for like 10 minutes right before he's knocked off the ledge not to mention episode 4 is the finale episode you kinda can't stretch a ton of material in 1 episode and as for the corridors well yes resident evil has done that in every game but thats what makes it iconic, the reuse thing? come on they never reused bosses the only bosses in this game are Pedro, Neil, and Alex so yeah no bosses were reused and yes the new version of raid is great but even then how can you say something is all new when it's clearly resident evil 6 campaign maps cut and re used I swear those main things you left out or even got wrong is good reasons why even I could review the game better than you guys. though for some of this review you were spot on with what i personally thought but only a few things

  12. sadly i have to agree about episode 4 not being that good. It lacked a lot of info that we should have been give. example.
    !. How did Claire get found, how did she survive, when was Claire found, why did it take 6 months for her to come back to the island?
    2. How did Moira survive, Why is Moira lucky that she just so happened to be immune, How did Evgeny even find he in a pile of rubble?
    3. Why is Natalia immune, How did Natalia even activate the virus if she doesn't fear anything?
    4. How did the tower even stay up if the entire thing exploded?
    All of these questions were never answered.

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