ok ive got the red lights and im in no mood to wait months for it to go and come back from microsoft.

so i looked into to it and saw you can open it try and clean it or someing like that let it heat then cool seal it up then its as good as new im sure it works its just i dont want to stuff my xbox 360

my question is is it not to hard and has it got a small chance of stuffing my 360?

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  1. if you open it, you void your warranty, microsoft will now, not repair it if you fail at doing so.

    tldr; JUST RETURN IT to microsoft.

  2. DON’T OPEN YOUR XBOX, JUST SEND IT BACK!! I just sent mine back two weeks ago and I got it back last week, took less then a full week. My cousin had to send his back three times already. All three times he had it back between a week and a week and a half and that was when they first came out. Don’t void your warranty, send it in. I’m sure you have another game system you can play for a week. I used my week to play some of the old Xbox games that won’t play on the 360.

  3. I think your stretching the repair duration a bit much. It MAY take that long, but in my personal experience it took a week minimum to two weeks maximum. Complaining works haha. We [my personal experience] had to have them ship the xbox to a different address because they believed our address was an invalid one.

    You can open it up and break the warranty if you want, but calling MS would probably be best, if its under warranty at least you can get it done for free (3 yr plan on RRoD’s if i remember hearing correctly).

    One thing i did with mine is head it up to high temps wrapped in a sweater and restart it, sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t (dont know if it can damage discs, but its your choice if you take the route i did) and can sometimes randomly freeze.

    And I don’t get your meaning on “Stuffing [your] 360]”.

    Meaning like you dont want to fill it up, memory-wise or internal-wise?

  4. My suggestion, wait (2-3 weeks) for Microsoft to repair your 360 free instead of taking a chance & most likely messing it up further & then be forced to buy a new 360. Because the minute you open it up you have voided the warranty & Microsoft will no longer repair yours for free or at all as a result.

  5. Yup, send back to Microsoft.

    I had one red light, not the RRoD. So I paid about AUD$120. Came back in 3 weeks.

    Remember NOT to send the harddisk. Remove it, so you still have your gamerscores and whatever you downloaded.

  6. It is really hard to do, and I’ve done it a million times. It is also extremely easy to permanently damage your console. It is really worth shipping it to Microsoft because no matter what you get back a working 360 with the warranty intact.

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