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PS4 Specs -The Tech Explained


PS4’s tech specs explained!

We get to grips with PlayStation 4’s powerful specs, from the 8 gigs of GDDR5 RAM to the 6x speed CAV blu-ray player, and explain what it all means.

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PS4 Specs -The Tech Explained


  1. how powerful is ps4 than ps3? is it just the graphic or ps4 games itself. some games are playable on both consoles. or maybe the difference when it comes with massive open world games? gta is massive open world but can be played on ps3. so whats the difference ps3 and ps4?

  2. Guys, I played a lot of Video Games on PC. Nomatter how many times you upgrade your CPU parts year after year, there will be just an another year with higher end graphics game and your CPU will fail unless you have Alienware Area 51 CPU which is like 5 times more the price of PS4. Playing on PS4 is a lot different experience. No lag, no overheating issues, less bugs on the game and better Multiplayer experience. I bought in September 2016 and the gaming experience is so awesome that after that my PC is just a showpiece licking dust month by month. And the people who are comparing their PC specs with PS4, to me it sounds more of a like comparing a Micromax Smartphone with an Iphone!!!

  3. sorry but they act like u can play on ultra but buy a ps4 and you are screwed i did it while i could buy a pc that is alot bettef

  4. M8 stop fighting about Sony and microfaggs its all PC m8. Nividia is the wayyy m9s

  5. gddr is different to ddr you can't say gddr is better woman … omg I cringed so hard when she said "mainly because 5 is bigger then 3?" OOOOMGG Even typing it down made me cringe

  6. I love my ps4 but I won't mind paying a few more bucks for a better hardware. It's true it's not up to par with a decent gaming rig today, but I remember when the ps3 came out, it's more pricey than the ps4 but it can compete with a gaming pc's that time

  7. my PC specs are 32 GB of ddr3 and a 1 gig geforce card and a i3 processor at 3.5 GHz and it exceeds 60 frames per second on black ops 3 and it cost cheaper than the ps4 price at 350

  8. Man i wished they fitted an nvidia card along a much higher clocked jaguar cores
    We already know Nvidia cards breathes less and farts more

  9. There is a difference between GDDR and DDR , basicly the ram in the ps4 means it can process gfx better , not necesseraly ai.

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