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Ps3 vs xbox360 whats better?


Whats better give me your ideas

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  1. PS3, why? Well:

    Blu-Ray which gives true high definition resolution in movies and allows for games to be MUCH! bigger and better and the ability to stream high resolution textures directly from the Blu-Ray disc.

    Obviously much better graphics. PS3 doubles the processing power.

    Much better quality hardware ( doesn’t break down, runs cooler + smoother etc. )

    Obviously much better games, God of War 3, Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, Little Big Planet 2, Resistance 3, InFamous 2. And Epic Games and Bungie now make games for the PS3. And the PS3 has a much better variety of games, all of Xbox 360’s games are stale since Microsoft has no good first party developers.

    Online is better on PS3, all that money you pay for Xbox Live, Microsoft uses that money to advertise crap like Kinect, pay multiplatform developers to give their console the better version of the game and feed themselves. PSN is just a free version of Xbox Live.

    Controller is opinion.

    The Xbox 360 eats discs ( even the new slim model ). My friend bought a new Xbox 360 slim and it killed his Black Ops disc.

    So yea.

  2. Well there are many pros and cons.

    Ps3 is free-Xbox cost money online

    Ps3 is always down-Xbox is up

    Ps3 is slower than Xbox

    I have a Ps3 but its fine but might buy an xbox now

  3. Ps3


    html browser

    Free online


    Metal Gear

    Gran Turismo

    Little Big Planet

    Move controller

    Better graphics

    Faster processor



    Cod maps early

    Gears of war


    Ps3 wins

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