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PS3: Randomly Turns off?


Some Information;

– I’ve had my PS3 Since PS3’s first came out pretty much.

– It’s an 80GB

– It’s turned on a lot of the time. Almost always, but Nighttime. Although, it’s been on at night sometimes.

– The other day, I had family over. My younger cousin was playing the PS3 as I left the house. The PS3 was on almost the whole day. Because when I came home, I was up late and it was still on. I did turn it off for a good 15-25 minutes? because it was hot.

What’s the Problem?:

– I was recently playing PS3 and Talking in a “Voice Chat” With a few friends.[Didn’t Turn off, while in Chat?] Then I decided to play MW2 with some other friends, but when I get on I’m barely in the game and it turns off? I noticed this problem last night, but didn’t think much of it and went to bed. Now every time I try to play, it turns off?!

What should I do? I thought, it may be over heated so I decided to take it completely into the open.

I’ll answer questions you have if you just refresh the page after a few seconds. I will reply in “Other Details.”

Please Help! I understand this is asked by a lot of people, and I tried finding an answer on Google but thought this would be easier. Thanks.

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  1. [email is not allowed] if you want toemail instead of replying on her, cuz I won’t see it, I can tell you it is for a fact overheating and will ylod on you very soon.ylod has consistently shown up after the 2-3 yr mark. And that’s normal gameplay and treatment.usually its suggested that you don’t exceed 8 hours of gameplay without a cooldown period. Also cleaning it to sony standards is with an electronics set up vacuum cleaner not can of air or otherwise. carpet is a big no no and it stays coolest on its side. Chances are the cooling fan is fine but its full of dust and quite possibly needs reflow work which I do and it is easy to mess up and break your ps3. Reball is the best fix but expensive and I myself lack the equipment, because its a couple thousand dollars. However, when it ylods on you, you could send it to sony for a $150 refirb switch and lose everything or to me for $60 plus shipping for a reflow, which will outlast a sony refirb any day(but ud have to stop the over 8hr use) or lookup youtube how to’s and find out its not as easy as the videos look if you mess up and melt something or bump the board during heating or cooling. Good luck 🙂

  2. it could be over heating. you may need to replace the fan, or just clear out dust.

    i dont own a ps3, but that kind of stuff has happened to me with laptops, ps2s, and other electronic *, so it could be the same for your ps3.

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