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Ps3 Online?


Hi! I just got a ps3 so I don’t know much. I wanna play online but how? Do I have to buy something to play online? And do i need a headset? Do I need a camera? Its a regular 40gb ps3.

I wanna play GTA 4 Online

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  1. PS3 on-line play is free!!(YES)LOL.When you first set it up just sign up and create a account.And you really don’t need a headset but its probably better to eventually get 1.As for the camera personally I think its a waste of money.

  2. You don’t need a camera. A headset is handy for communicating with other players but is not needed in order to play. All you need is the game and a good Internet connection and you’re good to go.

  3. PS3 online is free! You don’t have to buy anything as long as you have internet at home. Just create your account.

    You’ll need a bluetooth headset eventually. The camera is not that important.

  4. You don’t need anything to play GTA4 but the online aspect is poretty cool. For that you will need a internet connection (either a wireless router or a hard line to your modem) Headsets are overrated usually it is one guy with his TV’s volume up way to loud. The camera is a mystery to me.

  5. You just need to be connected to the internet and there ya go.

    To access online in GTA you need to:

    Get out your phone and click on “Multiplayer” – that’s online.

    You don’t need a headset, it’s optional in online games if you want to talk with other people & there is no camera for the ps3 if you mean the Eye thing, then no.

    You can only play online with games that are compatible with online, some ps3 games have no online – so check the case!

    I also recommend you call of duty 4 – the online is great!

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