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PS3 Anti virus?



I got a Playstation 3 for xmas and have the internet up and running fine but i was wondering about anti virus? what shall i get. I have full protection on the computer but obviously that wont do for the ps3


ok sorry im not a moron i dont know thats why i ask i just wana be safe, so how can you stop virus and stuff? Or so virus not excist

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  1. I know of no serious virus threats to the PS3. There never likely will be, because nobody targets the consoles, really, just the computers, and even then mainly Windows.

  2. Yes.there is an Anti-Virus that exists for the PS3. For those who say the PS3 is not targeted, not fully true. There could be a threat if you use your PS3 to surf the net and decide to download files from it. There hasn’t been any known cases, but the threat does exist in this case. The only anti-virus known for the PS3 is Trend Micro (www.trendmicro.com) that I’m aware of at this time.

  3. Chris is correct, not really a target for viruses, but if you’ve done the updates you’ll notice some security options under the browser now.

    It’s by Trend MIcro, but it’s mainly for internet security and not an anti-virus application as such. It guards against going to questionable sites. Includeds URL filtering and web reputation technology to guard against access to sites with adult content and the like. Again no real anti-virus security. To learn more about it, check the link provided.

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