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Problems Downloading the Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC for PS3?


I have tried to get into the Playstation Store and I have encountered a number of problems at even this early stage, Whilst trying to load Playstation Store I have received a number of issues, these are all presented to me in the form of Error Numbers, these are (80710092), (8071053D) and (80710B23). However I have also been able to access Playstation Store at multiple instances, I have been able to find the First Strike DLC and then attempt to purchase it but I will get to the “Confirm Purchase” stage and my PS3 will once again falter. The same type of error codes will appear and these are (80023103) and (80710D23) However the above number (80710092) has also appeared on occasion. As of yet I have failed to download the First Strike map pack and despite continued efforts I have had no luck, Any offering of assistance or Guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. wait about 3 hrs the servers are very busy because everybody is trying to download it at once.i called the ps3 customer helpline and they couldnt assist me.

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  3. i was just woundering if any one would be kind enough to file share the map pack? my psn is : CAPTIAN_K_U_R_T i have the waw zombie map pack if any one is interested

  4. if you go to the COD game icon, there is options underneath it. go to the ps store from there to download, not the actual ps store icon.

  5. I haven’t managed to get it either and the same codes have been coming up for me, check you bank account also it looks like there preparing to take out 3 lots of the payment from mine which i won’t be happy about if it happens as i haven’t downloaded a thing.

  6. The PSN Store crashed. Don’t worry, they are working on it: [url is not allowed].

    Should be back up later today.

  7. I just managed to download and their are seven copies of it on my download list so i’m going to be really mad if it has charged me 7 times. The weird thing is that each of the downloads have different disc numbers. If you go on now the traffic has gone down, you might be able to get it quicker if you go on the in-game store that has just been put up

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